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Online casinos participating in our program use the latest user-friendly software, featuring award winning games, with full screen stunning 3D graphics, stereo sound, the fastest downloads, multilingual platforms, and non-download flash versions. They must also meet strict criteria for offering superior 24/7 customer service and the right mix of player incentives, to keep players satisfied, playing longer and earning you more cash!

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Biggest Issues You Might Face in Online Casinos

No service is ever perfect, especially when you're dealing with money and internet. Same goes for online casinos. In most occasions, playing in an online casino is a relaxing and entertaining pastime but you can't deny some problems might occur, even in legitimate casinos. In this article, we're listing the main issues you might face when gambling online (and what you can do to solve them). All of this problems can be avoided by playing only at trustworthy casinos. 1. Delayed payments Payments are pretty much the number one issue when it comes to gambling. Many casinos - even completely legitimate regulated casinos - can experience payment issues, most commonly delays. Payments are complex and delicate topic, especially since it ...

What are Video Slots and Why You Should Try Them

Have you ever seen casino machines where you enter a coin into a little coin slot, then pull a lever and the machine starts whirring for a few seconds after which a bunch of coins lands on the coin tray? These machines are called slot machines. Video slots are the classic slot machines' successors with the only difference being: they are located online, in an online casino site. As the name suggests, the whole game is much like a video - instead of needing to enter a coin somewhere, you just click your mouse and the reels start spinning. If you are lucky and same symbols end up in a certain pattern (called a "payline"), you will win some coins, depending ...

All You Need to Know About Online Casinos

The world has taken a turn to a new, technology-based, age which is represented by all services moving step-by-step into the depths of the internet. Gambling is no different. More and more casinos have started running their gambling ventures online for several reasons, one of those being the smaller upkeep and the second being, of course, the player's preference. But what are online casinos like and what can you expect when playing online? Here's what you need to know so you could start gambling safely in any internet-based casino. What is an online casino and how is it different from land-based ones? Online casinos, in their simplest definition, are gambling websites. On these websites, you can open an account, deposit ...

Best Casino Games

Have you ever opened the game selection of any online casino site and found yourself confused since the variety is simply so huge? That's no wonder - online casinos are known for providing literally thousands of different games which is also one of the biggest perks of gambling online. However, as a novice gambler, all the choices might make it hard to choose the most suitable casino games. That's why we've put together this quick guide of all the main casino game categories with a brief description of each of those, so you could make a decision more quickly and easily. Slot machines Anyone who has heard or seen something about casinos has most likely seen slot machines which are ...

Old promotions

News and Events Attention all affiliates Sierra star casino and Giant vegas are still accepting USA traffic Dear Affiliate Please note the following changes effective today Monday 9th October 2006 for Fair Poker. New Bonuses 1) First Deposit Bonus – increased to 50% up to $500 (up from 50% up to $200) 2) Refer•a-Friend Bonus – this is a brand new bonus – $50 for the referrer and $25 for the friend 3) Reload Bonus – 50% (monthly) Key New Software Features 1) Player to player money transfer 2) Superb mini tabling function (play up to 8 tables) 3) Comprehensive hand histories 4) New ‘tree’ lobby Please take a look at the new website which is a lot ‘cleaner’ and ...

We Offer Our Affiliates

Sierra Star casino and poker affiliates program will help you generate unlimited income and maximize revenues from your Web site’s traffic with little effort. An exceptionally high CPA structure, coupled with prompt and convenient monthly payments, make the Sierra Star affiliate program one of the best affiliate options on the Web today. This program is an opportunity for you to make thousands of dollars every month with minimal effort. When visitors to your site click on our site’s banners and make a deposit, you will earn a nice profit generated from these visitors. We offer the most generous affiliate CPA program in the Internet gaming industry today, starting with a $150 per depositing player. Sierra Star affiliate program guarantees one of the highest conversion ratios online today.

We Offer These Unique Benefits

  • One statistics panel for all casinos and poker rooms that you promote.
  • Exit traffic sent to a participating casinos and poker rooms counts in your statistics!
  • Choose from 25% to 40% revenue share commission, or a CPA payment structure.
  • Individual Attention: You will receive your own account manager.
  • The most accurate and reliable online statistics available online.
  • A continuously supply of quality marketing materials for you to use, including banners, content and much more.

Casino Promotions

  1. Magic Box Casino: Every month we offer our players a wide variety of promotions ranging from Cash Back bonus days to Happy Hours and themed weekends.
  2. Casino King: Every month we offer our players a wide variety of promotions ranging from Cash Back bonus days to Happy Hours and themed weekends.

Affiliate Promotions

$150% CPA Offer!! Calling all new affiliates. You will receive $150 CPA from the first player you will send us!!!
Receive $150 CPA for your first 2 months with us here at SierraStarAffiliates!!! The more players you send the higher Cpa you will get.

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