1. What is Sierra Star Affiliates?
Sierra Star Affiliates is the world’s highest-paying Casino Affiliate Program. In our Affiliate Program you simply send your traffic to Partner Casino, and earn a significant commission for every new player you send us. Our Casino CPA Program (earn the highest one-time fees for new player sign-ups) is the most competitive CPA online today. No other affiliate program will pay as much to the every-day affiliate. It’s the best way to monetize your existing customer base and traffic.

2. Are there any costs to signing up?
No. There are no initial costs or ongoing costs to participate in the Sierra Star Affiliate Program. Ever.

3. How do I access affiliate support in case of any problems?
Simply click on the 24/7 live support chat option located at the bottom of each page. There any questions yo may have will be answered promptly. If its really not that urgent and you’d rather send an email, then do so to : support@sierrastaraffiliates.com

4. How do I track my earnings?
We provide all affiliates and referrers with password-protected access to the Sierra Star Affiliate Stats System. Here, our affiliates can view their statistical records, evaluate their progress and optimize their performance with our program.

5. Where can I download banners?
After logging in you may click on the “marketing tools” button on the left side of the page. You will be redirected to our marketing tools section that will give you access to all the lates banners and tracking codes.

6. What method of payments do you use?
Currently we are using Neteller and Wire Transfer as payment methods. For quickest transactions we prefer Neteller.

7. How are players tracked to me?
We provide you with a unique Affiliate ID Tracking Code that accurately identifies your customer as coming from your site. If the customer downloads the casino software and registers, your Affiliate ID is permanently associated to their account so you will always be credited with that player’s action at our Casino.

8. Where can I change my password?
You can change your password for by following these steps: 1. Login to your Sierra Star account. 2. Click on the “modify account” button on the left side of the page 3. Update both password fields with the same new password. You should choose a password that is not easy to guess. It should be at least 6 characters long. It should contain a mix of numbers, letters and punctuation marks. It should not contain dictionary words longer than 3 characters in length. It should definitely not contain anything that would be easy to guess, such as your phone number, birthdate or pet’s name. 4. Click on the ‘update info’ button at the bottom of the page to submit the change.

9. Where do I update my contact information?
You may update your contact information at you Sierra Star account by following these steps: 1. Login to your affiliate account. 2. Click the “modify account” button at the left side of the page. 3. Modify your contact information as necessary. The relavant fields are located near the top of the page. 4. Click on the ‘update info’ button at the bottom of the page to submit the changes.

10. When do I get paid?
By the 10th of each month you will recieve a statement from Sierra Star Affiliates with the amount of traffic you sent, your commission and the payment details. Just email back a confirmation with your username in the subject and by the 18th of the each month your payment will be sent out.