All You Need to Know About Online Casinos

Both online and offline casinos can be highly local. Casinos Poland operates 7 casinos across Polish cities.

The world has taken a turn to a new, technology-based, age which is represented by all services moving step-by-step into the depths of the internet. Gambling is no different. More and more casinos have started running their gambling ventures online for several reasons, one of those being the smaller upkeep and the second being, of course, the player’s preference.

But what are online casinos like and what can you expect when playing online? Here’s what you need to know so you could start gambling safely in any internet-based casino.


What is an online casino and how is it different from land-based ones?

Online casinos, in their simplest definition, are gambling websites. On these websites, you can open an account, deposit money (and withdraw your winnings) and of course, play casino games.

Some online casinos offer even live-casino functionality which means you can see a real dealer via video streaming. This takes the gambling experience to a new level and turns the casino closer to land-based versions by offering an authentic experience to those who long for real dealer interaction.

Online and offline casinos have something in common. They are both local, in a way. Most countries have their specific regulation regarding online gambling, different payment methods, languages and so on. Even bonuses could be wildly different across different countries, even on same online casino! This is why it is advisable to search for best online casinos in your country. If you are located in Poland, then try to find best Polish casinos, and so on.

In many ways, online casinos are extremely similar to land-based ones and very often you might find land-based casino brands who have expanded their business by opening an online casino. However, online casinos can offer several great perks to players, some of these perks being:

  • Comfort and accessibility – you can play any casino game straight from your laptop or smartphone, without needing to actually step outside of the comfort of your home. Casino games are therefore much more easily accessible and don’t require a trip to a land-based gambling house.
  • Ease of playing – even more, you can start playing in an online casino within a matter of minutes. The whole process from opening an account, depositing money and playing can take as little as 5 minutes!
  • Lower requirements – land-based casinos might seem intimidating since many tables and games have higher minimum bet limits. Most online casino games have much lower requirements and you can play almost every casino game with just a few bucks. Often, the lowest possible bet is as small as $0.10!
  • More bonuses – since competition is heavy and clients can jump from casino to casino, gambling sites make extra efforts to keep clients with them. Therefore, they award clients with special bonuses and promotions much more often than land-based casinos.

Are online casinos safe?

Short answer: absolutely. Long answer: you need to be wise when gambling.

If you play in a legitimate casino that’s reputable and run by a legitimate company, there’s nothing to fear. All of the transactions are done via safe and regulated third-party payment methods such as banks or e-wallets, so your money is completely safe. Legitimate casinos also need to report to higher authorities when it comes to their policies and technologies, so no machine can be “rigged”.

However, the internet is still much like the wild west. If you open a casino account without researching much the site’s background, you might stumble upon a scammer who’s luring players to deposit money but instead of providing a good gambling service, the clients end up losing all of their money and never seeing any winnings either.

That’s why you need to tread carefully and always choose a casino according to the points in the following section.

How to choose an online casino?

As mentioned previously, gambling in an online casino can be safe, but only if you choose the site carefully. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Do a background check to the company running the site. Make sure it’s a legitimate registered company and reputable. It’s also worth to check reviews and see what people say about the site.
  • Test the customer service. The best way to get a firsthand experience with the casino is to contact their customer reps. If you receive a positive and friendly service, you can feel much safer.
  • Always read the privacy policy and terms of use. Yes, it’s boring, but if you want to make sure your personal information is secure, you shouldn’t skip this step.

Online casinos have much to offer and can provide an amazing experience. When choosing the best online casino, do it carefully and do your research to make sure you’ll be treated to the best possible casino service.