What are Video Slots and Why You Should Try Them

What are Video Slots and Why You Should Try ThemHave you ever seen casino machines where you enter a coin into a little coin slot, then pull a lever and the machine starts whirring for a few seconds after which a bunch of coins lands on the coin tray? These machines are called slot machines.

Video slots are the classic slot machines’ successors with the only difference being: they are located online, in an online casino site. As the name suggests, the whole game is much like a video – instead of needing to enter a coin somewhere, you just click your mouse and the reels start spinning. If you are lucky and same symbols end up in a certain pattern (called a “payline”), you will win some coins, depending on the size of the win.

That’s the basic mechanics of a video slot machine. What makes slot machines special is their simple nature. Video slots are completely luck-based, meaning there’s nothing to do with strategy. It doesn’t matter how many times in a row you spin the reels or how big of a bet you’re making – you can be either lucky or not.

When traditional slot machines featured fairly simple themes and most often the symbols displayed fruits (which is also the reason classic slot games are called “fruit slots“), video slots are much more elaborate. Sure, there are still video slots that feature very simple themes like jewels or fruits, there are also complex slots that have even certain stories behind them. Many online casinos offer music-themed slots that are based on certain famous bands, you can find slot games that are inspired by blockbuster movies, you can find fantasy-themed slots or even fairytale-based slot games.

There’s a video slot for literally every taste, no matter what your preference is. For that reason alone, slot games are easily the most entertaining casino games you can find. And better yet – there are hundreds of different video slots available for you in every good online casino.